BT Motorsports New Motor for 2014/2015 Season

BT Motorsport is pleased to announce that we will be developing a new motor in partnership with Roger Clark Motorsport. The motor will start with a 2.0 closed deck block sourced from Dtech Motorsport, which will be hardness tested, acid dipped and cleaned, then bored, honed and prepared for a brand new 2.5l crank, and RCM/Omega 92.5mm pistons, and RCM/Arrow rods effectively creating a 2.2l stroker motor. The block and heads will then be prepared and surfaced with a 14mm RCM head stud kit, with Kelford valve springs, and 2.0l Spec C heads and cams and RCM’s latest stopper head gaskets. Rounding out the motor will be LIC Motorsports adjustable timing belt idler bearings, RCM lightweight pulleys, Cosworth timing belt, RCM timing belt guide, an RCM 11mm oil pump, brand new Spec C waterpump, RCM thermostat and RCM oil separator plate. In addition we will add RCM’s baffle plate to our existing Moroso sump and other existing components such as the Process West V-Mount intercooler setup, RCM headers & downpipe, and RCM’s twin scroll custom turbo, and Samco hoses.

The entire package will be assembled by Jon and the team at Spec Performance in conjunction with HPE Engineering for all machining, and prepared for tuning which will be completed by Dave Heedergen of Dtech Motorsport.

We would also like to thank and welcome our latest sponsor to our programme, Gravitas Consulting a full service architectural and project management firm based in Christchurch, NZ. If you require any architectural services please don’t hesitate to contact James on the following details:

James McCondach
ph 03-4286773
mob 021-413747

BT Motorsport Spec C V1.0 For Sale

Located in Napier
2003 STi version 8 Spec C rolling shell. Includes all glass, missing roof vent, comprehensive Octane Automotive roll cage, front bumper beam, all door cards cut for roll cage, front subframe and steering rack, front alloy arms, standard suspension circa 80,000km, hubs and knuckles front and rear, wiper motor, top half of dash, Wilwood brake bias valve and hard brake lines, damaged rear bumper, fuel tank, rear subframe, standard rear lateral links and control arms. Wheels & tires negotiable.
-V8 sti front bumper with splitters
-V8 sti lower front lip
-V8 sti front guards
-V8 sti rear spoiler
-Windscreen cowling
-Standard sti rear seat
-Pair of standard sti front seats including belts
-Sparco EVO III seat and adjustable base (drivers side base was in accident), and passenger side adjustable base (not in accident)
-Standard airbox x 2
-Box of misc parts including ABS pump, airbag computer, head gaskets, standard jack, wheel wrench, and heat shields
-Box of wind up window mechanisms
-Gearbox from crashed vehicle, damaged tail housing
-Rear diff carrier from crashed vehicle
-Ohlins shocks front and rear, with Eibach springs, spare set of King springs, set of spare keeper springs, front KW fixed mounts, Ohlins rear mounts, 2 x containers of misc bolts
-Standard fuel rails and pink injectors
-Gearbox shifter
-Front diff circa 80,000km
-Cusco carbon twin plate clutch and flywheel
-Heater box x 2
-Ignition barrel
-Diff computer
-Intercooler pipes, misc hoses, misc Samco hoses
-Rear arms from crashed car
-Power steering pump from crashed car
-Radiator overflow tank
-Box of misc wiring and fuse boxes
-Greddy temperature gauge in carbon panel
-Indicator stalks
-Alpine speakers
-standard speakers
-2 x head units
-Standard ECU
-2 x heater controls
-Interior roof vent surround
-Speedo cluster surround
-Various seat belts
-Various interior vents
-Gearbox shifter surround and boot
-2 x handbrake surrounds
-VF36 turbo, sump, dipstick etc circa 80,000km
-Trust oil cooler and -10 lines, no name oil cooler
-Space saver tyre
-Spec C down pipe and headers
-V8 headlights
-Speedo cluster, 33,xxxkm
-Full set of Brembos, with what looks to be Endless pads, and goodridge braided lines, slotted front rotors and standard rears
-Sandwhich block and fiittings
-Misc gaskets
-Process West radiator overflow tank
-Misc engine parts, starter motor, rocker covers, engine mounts
-Buddyclub GT wing uprights
-RCM 12mm oil pump (crashed car)
-Standard cam gears (crashed car)
-Alternator (crashed car)
-Charcoal canister
-1 x pair of brand new GRB sti front knuckles
-1 x pair of brand new V10 sti front knuckles
-1 x pair of brand new V10 sti front hubs
-1 x set of roll up window door cards
-2 x glove boxes, 1 x cut for roll cage clearance
-2 x gearbox tunnel surrounds with storage cubby, 1 x cut in half
-V8 sti grill
-Window wipers
-Misc interior pieces & rear parcel tray
-Standard intercooler splitter
-4 x axles (from crashed car)
-2 x blue sway bars and links (front and rear)
-12l intercooler water spray tank
-Damaged front bumper
-V8 sti bonnet with one bonnet pin
-Varis carbon V8 sti bonnet, damaged
-Misc interior pillar trims
-Misc stereo trims
-V7 radiator with Zerosports bottom hose and fans
-Door sill trims
-2 x washer bottles
-Standard radiator overflow tank
-Under bonnet air intake
-Rear diff (from crashed car)

Located @ Dtech Motorsport in Tauranga
-V10 carbon bonnet scoop
-V8 standard bonnet scoop
-V8 radiator with fans
-STi TMIC with Y pipe
-Standard airbox
-Alloy header tank and Samco hoses
-Process West radiator overflow tank
-Samco lower radiator hose
-Misc fittings and braided hose
-264 Kelford cams, one broken
-AVCS heads from damaged car
-Buddyclub exhaust (no photos)

The following is available by negotiation (but I preferably want to keep for spares)
-V10 Sti front bumper, front guards, and bonnet
-V8 STI Spec C short block circa 30,000km
-AVCS heads reconditioned by PBMS
-Cosworth 2.2l stroker kit (from crashed vehicle, has been crack and balanced tested and come up ok).

Photos located here

Purchaser must pick up all items from Napier and Tauranga (however I can get the Tauranga items back to Napier if absolutely required), and can take the boxes and containers everything is currently stored in. The successful purchaser must pick up everything, and leave nothing behind. A tax invoice can be issued if this is advantageous to successful purchaser.

Roger Clark Motorsport – 1 day only sale on small items! Closes midnight!

We have a one off sale on RCM products that are of a relatively small nature, be in quick to get your orders in! If there is anything you want not listed that is relatively small and lightweight let me know and I will get pricing for you…

RCM Oil Baffle Plate $272.88 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

Designed & manufactured by RCM this product meets the high demands of the modern high performance, high revving impreza engine. Fitting all EJ20/25 engines including closed deck blocks without modification the plate fits easily between the block and oil pan. Engineered to combat the power sapping effects of oil “blow by” during periods of sustained driving at high RPM the plate is an especially important addition if you track your WRX/STI. The plate directs the oil returning to the sump away from the crank via diverting plates and by incorporating a series of one way valves into its design the baffle plate also prevents oil moving into the upper crankcase chamber preventing oil starvation during harsh driving conditions. This is vital when considering the imprezas horizontal boxer layout is particularly susceptible to oil pooling in the heads when cornering which can starve the pickup of oil potentially causing major engine damage in the process. Supplied with fitting instructions and O ring for a comprehensive and simple install.

RCM Leather Keyring $13.47 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

RCM V5+ Uprated Fuel Pump $174.56 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

The RCM340 is a high output, in tank, electric fuel pump that directly replaces the standard assembly and provides and impressive 340 litres per hour of flow! Ideal for imprezas up to 500bhp. With unmatched durability and reliability thanks to its turbine pump mechanism and 30% better performance when compared to its rivals RCM highly recommends this unit. Has also been designed to cope with the new age imprezas oscillating voltage supply, and supplied with all parts required to fit turbocharged imprezas.

RCM Battery Clamp (Red only) $80.71 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

RCM Billet Timing Belt Guide $76.08 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

RCM Oil Filler Cap (Blue or Red) $76.08 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

Samco Air Box Hose V7+ (Red or blue) $140.18 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

Samco Radiator Hose Set V7+ (Red or blue) $175.66 NZD incl GST + any local shipping/courier costs

Orders close at midnight tonight, and payment must be made within 2 days via cash, cheque, direct debit or can set up a Trade Me auction with Pay Now for payment via credit card, however the price will go up to cover the additional costs.



BT Motorsport features in NZ Performance Car Magazine

The BT Motorsport Spec C features in the November 2012 issue of NZ Performance Car magazine, head to your local retailer and pick up a copy today to check out the full feature!

Autocity De Havilland Drive Street Sprint

The Taranaki Car Club, in conjunction with Autocity put on a street sprint this last weekend. The BT Motorsport team decided to dust the cobwebs off the old girl and give it a run as it has been 4 months since the car was last used. The course was set up by veteran racer Max Pennington, and was designed to suit the lower horsepower cars. There is another sprint on the 19th of August which should suit the higher HP cars better and were looking forward to giving this one a go as well!

The day started off a bit greasy and cold, and BT’s driving was a bit scruffy as well given his lack of wheel time lately! A couple of big lock ups at the end of the main straight made for some interesting moments, and lots of smoke!

The Taranaki Daily News popped along and put together the above article and video compilation, with BT Motorsport getting some good air time!

After the first couple of runs the flow started to come back, and with BT trying to be a bit smoother behind the wheel the times quickly improved. A little friendly rivalry ensued with good mate Dave Geraghty, being a EVO driver he is considered our nemesis. At the end of the day Dave managed to beat us by just 0.29 of a second to win the event outright and also class F, with BT Motorsport coming 2nd in class, and 2nd outright in the event. Well done to Dave and his team, were looking forward to the rematch in a couple of weeks time!

Photos provided courtesy of Shane Richards @ One I Photo Design

BT Motorsport – Mid winter update

It’s been a relatively quiet winter here at BT Motorsport. During May we were fortunate enough to catch up with one of our suppliers LIC Motorsports, in Novato, California, just North of San Francisco. Adam & Noah extended us fantastic hospitality, and we look forward to working closer with them in the future, and testing some of their specialist parts on our vehicle.

Meanwhile the BT Motorsport Spec C has been getting some overdue maintenance carried out by the Dtech Motorsport team. The rear differential was in dire need of rebuilding, which has now been completed meaning we will be able to put the newfound power down at all 4 wheels as opposed to just through the front wheels!

We also procured a new bonnet which will assist with ventilation, reducing under bonnet temps, and inlet air temps, whilst also reducing drag by eliminating the bonnet scoop. Thanks to Signfusion for supplying replacement graphics for the new bonnet.

We are also pleased to announce that Kumho tyres have renewed their sponsorship for the BT Motorsport team for a further season. We were beyond impressed with the quality, consistency, and durability of the Kumho tyres and look forward to providing more great results for them in the coming season.

Stephen will be trying to keep his driving skills sharp, taking part in some driver training/gymkhana events run by the Taranaki car club over July, and also looking to compete in some sprint events as well, ahead of some pre season circuit testing.

Best Regards

The BT Motorsport Team

Tony Satherley – BT Motorsport sponsored driver

Tony Satherley, the 3 time GT Cup champion of the Manfield winter series has recently joined the BT Motorsport team. Tony has been invaluable to the BT Motorsport team over the years, providing endless setup and driving advice, and spinning the spanners for us more times than we can remember! BT Motorsport was able to provide sponsorship through supply of tyres that contributed to Tony’s victory in the last season, with Tony once again claiming the GT Cup trophy, and also the champion of champion trophys. Tony is now running the Wongs Kitchen, Dtech Motorsport, Etnies, BT Motorsport , & Signfusion livery

Unfortunately the start of this season has not gone Tony’s way, with an electrical issue creating a miss at the first round which couldnt be diagnosed, and a clutch failure at the second round this past weekend. Tony is a battler and will certainly come back from these issues, although an unprecedented 4th year victory in the GT Cup may now be out of his grasp unfortunately. We wish Tony all the best for the remainder of the season, and look forward to providing updates on his results.

Summer Season Wrap Up

Time certainly has marched on rather quickly since our last update after Round 6, with the grand finals of both series that we have been running in this season being held last weekend. The car was picked up from Dtech Motorsport with the new Process West intercooler & radiator package, which along with a new side exit exhaust and an E85 (bioethanol fuel) tune netted some additional horsepower which was well overdue, which we were hoping would hold us in good stead for the weekend!

It was also destined to be a trying weekend, with the NZ Time Attack Series running at Hampton Downs Motorsport Park on the Friday and Saturday, and our final of GT Racing New Zealand running at Taupo Motorsport Park on the Saturday and Sunday of Easter Weekend, which meant 3 days of consecutive racing!

After arriving at Hampton Downs on Friday there was a strange whining noise coming from the power steering pump, after a quick bleed from our stand in mechanic, Tony Satherley, we headed out for the first session. Unfortunately after going around the first corner there was essentially no power steering and the car would not turn at all! After some further attempts at bleeding the system it was agreed that we would try and find a replacement pump to resolve the issue, after a few phone calls we managed to get hold of a replacement thanks to Shortty Racing Team in Auckland. This meant a trip up to Auckland to remove the pump from their race car, and a battle back through the Easter traffic.

Time was always going to be tight to make the 3rd and final session of the day and after a valiant effort we unfortunately missed the final session and weren’t able to register a time (given we would be missing the following days racing due to the clash with our other series). Thankfully the series organisers were able to secure us with a quick out and in lap to test whether the power steering pump had resolved our issues. Thankfully the replacement pump did resolve the issue, and a smile quickly came over Stephens face as he felt the newfound power in the very short blast before coming back into the pits. This was obviously a disappointment for the team, who packed up, loaded the car on the trailer and headed for Taupo, arriving late on Friday evening hoping for a better day tomorrow.

The forecast for the weekend was for torrential rain and storms, which the team were excited about given our historically good results in the wet. Unfortunately the experts had got it wrong again and the sun was shining! We were first up on the grid, and on a cold and dirty track we managed to qualify 8th which the team were happy about. The first race on Saturday afternoon quickly rolled around, where Stephen was now able to hold his placing off the rolling start with the new power, and managed to maintain position and finish in 8th place. This race also resulted in a new personal best lap time, which the team were pretty ecstatic about given the Kumho tyres were now completing their 10th event and were certainly no longer giving optimum grip, like when they left the factory! The team is pretty confident of dropping lap times another 1.5-2.0 seconds across all tracks with new rubber on the ground, and are looking forward to further testing!

Sunday dawned as another stunning day, with the first race a reverse split grid handicap, Or in layman’s terms 3 groups starting 15 seconds apart, slowest cars first. We were starting off the 2nd grid of the final group, and after a fantastic launch off the line we managed to carve our way through traffic and only be passed by one fellow competitor and finished in 2nd place. A great result, however our tyres did suffer from this and one had to be replaced with a spare for the final race.

The final race of the season was to be a full reverse grid handicap race that is designed to have all competitors cross the finish line at the same time. Again we were starting towards the back of the field, and managed to make a good start, however quickly got stuck behind some of the slower traffic, and struggled to find opportunities to pass. Eventually however we got past this traffic and were making good progress through the field, unfortunately this success was to be short-lived however as with two laps to go coming onto the front straight the car lost all power. Given the dash displayed no warning lights Stephen assumed that an intercooler hose had popped off and continued for the final two laps in naturally aspirated form to ensure those valuable series points weren’t thrown away. Surprisingly we managed not to finish in last place as the majority of the field went past us! It certainly was a disappointing end to a fairly frustrating season that had its fair share of highs and lows. Some post race investigations are leading towards possible head gasket failure on the car, and a faulty fuel sender giving the team a misleading interpretation of the fuel level (which cuts power if fuel goes below a certain level).

Points were quickly tallied by our team manager Mark Brown-Thomas who confirmed we had finished 6th overall out of 44 competitors within the GT Racing New Zealand series. We also got confirmation that we had finished 3rd overall in the NZ Time Attack series within the Pro Class. The team certainly are pleased with these results given this was the cars maiden season, and we have had numerous issues! The car certainly is an evolving project that still has some issues to work through. We are going to take a short break over winter before getting back into some testing in another couple of months ready for another assault on the Summer Season!

The BT Motorsport team would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of our sponsors, technical partners, supporters, followers, fans and fellow competitors for the ongoing support and encouragement provided to us over the course of the season. Personally as team principal I’d like to extend my thanks to our team manager Mark for always going above and beyond to provide anything the team requires, and team mechanic Tim for always making sure the car is on tune throughout race weekends.

Best Regards
Stephen Brown-Thomas &
The BT Motorsport Team

Summer Season Wrap Up

Process West V Mount & E85 Tune

Given out battles with high inlet temperatures we decided to go back to the proven Process West V Mount set up that we had on the old car. Dtech Motorsport have installed the ready to assemble kit, and have also retuned the car to suit on both Gull Force 10, and also an E85 tune. Weve managed to pick up a few more KW’s with the retune, and are now up to 270kw atw on the E85 tune at 18psi. This is certainly more than enough to get the job done, and more than enough for the standard motor which has now done around 87,000km! Fingers crossed it holds together for a little while longer….

The benefits of E85 are clear to see, more power and torque everywhere at the same boost, and around 50kw more at 3,500rpm – 4,000rpm and it comes on earlier. The only parameter left to test is fuel consumption!

We’ve also just ordered some new 9″ wide ROTA rims which will hopefully stop our fantastic Kumho tyres from rolling over on the rim and wearing the outer edge as much as they have been.

Whilst the car is at Dtech were also getting the brake ducting tidied up and improved, and looking at installing the rear diffuser that weve had sitting in the shed for a few months to improve aero performance. All in all the car should be in excellent shape for the final round of both NZ Time Attack and GTRNZ over the Easter weekend!


The BT Motorsport Team

IRC Summer of Thunder Tour – Round 6 Update

The 6th round of the IRC Summer of Thunder Tour quickly rolled around after the last event at Taupo. We headed down to Manfield on Friday and were greeted by horrendous weather which put a smile on our face given our success in previous wet meetings! A wheel alignment was completed and we headed back to the track but unfortunately missed our only afternoon test session which put us on the back foot.

Saturday dawned and it brought the sun with it! Given the lack of testing the day before with the new wheel alignment we were a little behind the pace and only qualified 9th. We made up for this at the start of the 1st rolling start race by gaining two positions, unfortunately this was short-lived however; as in the 3rd lap we picked something up on the track and promptly got a puncture putting us out of the race, with the DNF robbing us of valuable points.

The weather on Sunday continued in Saturdays footsteps with no rain clouds in site! We had replaced both front tyres with a set of the older spare Kumho slicks we had. Unfortunately the tyres had completed almost a year of racing (testament to the quality and consistency of these tyres!) and were getting quite tired. In hindsight we probably should have put the replacement tyres on the rear of the car, as during the 2nd race we suffered from quite bad understeer slowing us down which meant we didn’t quite gain the places we should have in the handicap race and ended up finishing in 12th place.

Lesson learned we promptly changed the tyres front to back for the final race, and the difference was immediately noticeable! However with rear grip decreased now the rear brakes were locking up which led to a couple of interesting moments, like this:

Half way through the race a safety car was despatched as a car had gone off in a dangerous position, this unfortunately meant that the field became bunched effectively taking the handicap formulas out of the equation! Once the flag dropped on the restart it was all go and we managed to pass two cars through the first corner and put some space back to the faster cars. Unfortunately time ran out and we did get passed by a couple of the faster cars in the last laps and crossed the line in 5th position.

Luck clearly didn’t go our way this weekend, with our worst points tally to date from all 6 rounds. The poor performance has dropped us back to 6th in the overall points, however there is one saving grace in that we can drop our worst points round effectively making it a 6 round series. This of course all depends on the final round going our way at Easter!

The car is going back to Dtech Motorsport shortly for some further works to provide additional cooling, which will allow for more power, and to try and resolve our electronic differential issue by tuning this via the Link ECU. Hopefully these works will put us in good stead for the final round.

Best Regards

The BT Motorsport Team

Thanks to our sponsors: